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Trends-Tendances - Belgium | Thursday, July 3, 2014

Belgians once again threatened by markets

The rejection by the Walloon centrist party CDH of the Flemish nationalists' coalition offer awakens memories among many Belgians of the difficult government building process in 2010-2011, which was only brought to an end by the prospect of rising yields on Belgian government bonds. The Belgian parties must prevent such a drama from being repeated, the business magazine Trends urges: "Everyone is scaring everyone else. The big loser in this game of poker is Belgium's image. ... That's a pity, because as the current deficit figures show, our country saved 600 million in interest payments in 2013 thanks to the Eurozone's low interest rates. If all goes well, we could also save 400 million euros in 2014. But for that to happen we need a government, and fast. One that can prevent the financial markets from targeting us again and making us pay for our hesitation."

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