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Hospodářské noviny - Czech Republic | Monday, June 23, 2014

A compromise in Merkel's interest

The approval of Europe's left-leaning heads of government for the conservative Jean-Claude Juncker, engineered mainly by the German SPD party chief Sigmar Gabriel, is a victory for Angela Merkel, the liberal daily Hospodářské noviny comments: "Ahead of the European Council summit things are taking shape. Merkel wants a quick solution to the problem of the new Commission president. If the current state of affairs continues it will only serve as confirmation for those who claim that the Union is incapable of making decisions. The chancellor will achieve a proper majority for Juncker on Friday. Juncker is not her favourite, but they understand each other on financial issues. ... The British are the only ones left who are radically opposed to Juncker. Let the British MPs in the European Parliament vote against him. But in the end they don't necessarily have to have a problem with him. It's the European Council that will decide the Commission's orientation. Unanimously. With the British."

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