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Sega - Bulgaria | Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Schengen ban facilitates Roma deportations

According to EU law, any member state may expel non-national EU citizens after three months if they do not have a sufficient income to live without welfare benefits. The law affects above all Bulgarians and Romanians and is one of the main reasons why rich EU countries want to prevent Bulgaria and Romania from joining the Schengen area, the daily Sega contends: "They need a mechanism with which they can determine the start of the three month period of residence. If the internal borders fell away, there could be no telling when these people travelled to Germany or Belgium, for instance, and so three months later they could not be 'requested' to leave. Officially, of course, no government will admit that this is why they oppose Bulgaria's and Romania's joining the Shengen area. But they all want to have full control over the entry and exit of Bulgarian and Romanian citizens (especially Roma), and to be able to kick them out in accordance with EU law without being accused of ethnic discrimination."

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