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Standart - Bulgaria | Friday, April 25, 2014

European election: Dirty EU election campaign in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian campaign for the European elections officially begins on Friday. In the coming weeks the focus won't be on either Europe or the real problems of the people in Bulgaria, the daily Standart concludes: "The politicians will concentrate exclusively on scandals and wage a war trying to compromise each other. ... In their clever election programmes, written mainly by advertising and PR experts, there is no place for everyday problems. Even the programmes of the new and rebellious parties are full of empty clichés. The big, influential parties know exactly how false their politics are and will therefore try to give the election campaign a different twist. They will launch smear campaigns the main message of which will be: 'We are incompetent and corrupt and have lied to you. But you still have to vote for us because otherwise our enemies will take over, and they are even more corrupt and incompetent than we are."

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