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Pravda - Slovakia | Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Kiev helpless and out of its depth

Kiev's offer of a referendum will hardly change the chaotic situation in Ukraine for which the current leadership is also partly to blame, the left-leaning daily Pravda writes: "The government in Kiev is in a fatal downward spiral where every step can have catastrophic consequences. If the authorities allow anarchy to reign in eastern Ukraine, with armed 'pro-Russian' and 'pro-Western' groups settling scores, it will only confirm that the state cannot even accomplish its most basic tasks. And of course 40,000 Russian troops are stationed on the nearby border and ready to intervene at the drop of a hat. ... If acting president Oleksandr Turchynov offers to hold a referendum on Ukraine together with the presidential elections on May 25, he might fulfil the expectations of some dissatisfied people. But the risk of a division of the country, be it with the direct or the indirect participation of Vladimir Putin, runs high."

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