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Milliyet - Turkey | Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ankara must prove it is democratic

Turkey's Constitutional Court ruled on Wednesday that the government's Twitter blockade is illegal. The conservative daily Milliyet welcomes the decision and says the government is now duty-bound to remove the major deficits in the areas of freedom of expression and the independence of the judiciary: "The government had assumed the role of censor, while the highest court is now acting as a force for freedom. There can be no disputing this. The Constitutional Court may in future at least partially remove the democratic deficits in Turkey. But if the political will for reform is lacking its efforts will be hindered. The list is long. The government may have won [the local elections on Sunday], but it most now repair its tarnished image. And mend the broken hearts. Both at home and abroad it must take pains to prove that it is truly democratic."

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