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Der Standard - Austria | Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Vučić a calculating friend of Europe

After the parliamentary elections in Serbia on Sunday the left-liberal daily Der Standard takes a sceptical view of right-wing conservative election winner Aleksandar Vučić's transformation from ultra-nationalist to pro-European: "However the man with the stern expression has not just radically changed his rhetoric, but also become the first to turn the facts in favour of good neighbourly relations: the April agreement signed with Kosovo last year would have been unthinkable before he came to power. And he also chooses his word very carefully in the relations with Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. His relations with the Bosnian Serb Milorad Dodik, who is constantly playing the nationalist-separatism card, are cool. Just as cool as Vučić's calculations: he wants to join the EU and knows what to do to achieve this. However he never qualifies or criticises the authoritarian mentality of the past in the social debate. And that, in turn, is bad for the region, because it means the transformation remains purely superficial."

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