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Gândul - Romania | Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Row over posts breaks up Romania's coalition

Romania' National Liberal Party, the PNL, announced that it was ending its ruling coalition with the Social Democratic PSD on Monday. Both parties have been ruling the country together since 2012 and had agreed that PSD would choose the prime minister from its ranks while the Liberals would put up the candidate for the presidential elections in 2014. Now quarrelling between the two parties over the deal has led to the break, the online newspaper Gândul believes: "The collapse of the [ruling coalition] USL is good news. ... The USL failed because of the poor moral and political image of its two leaders. [The leader of the National Liberal Party] Crin Antonescu knew that after the EU parliamentary elections, [Social Democratic Prime Minister] Victor Ponta wants to put up his own candidate for the presidential election, or perhaps even run for the post himself. To avoid being thrown out after just two years, Crin Antonescu has made the decision to leave of his own volition now."

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