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Pravda - Slovakia | Monday, February 10, 2014

Xenophobia getting out of control

The European Commission and politicians across Europe have voiced disappointment at the outcome of the Swiss referendum. The left-leaning daily Pravda joins in, fearing the vote could set a negative trend in Europe: "The country's entrepreneurs and almost all the parties represented in parliament opposed the unreasonable demand that immigration be restricted. But that didn't help, nor did factual arguments. Unemployment in the country stands at a mere three percent, and Switzerland has long been dependent on immigration. Nor did the fact that limiting the free movement of workers from the EU will complicate the close ties between Switzerland and the EU dissuade voters. But Bern isn't the only place where you have to wonder why even in the richest countries, rather primitive propaganda can win out against any form of integration. ... However Brussels also bears part of the blame, for underestimating the importance of social policy. If it fails to act here, Europe will soon be overwhelmed by xenophobia."

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