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Imerisia - Greece | Wednesday, January 15, 2014

For Giorgos Kapopoulos, the West has given up on the Islamic world

Despite the tense situation in Egypt, Syria and Turkey, the EU and the US are simply looking on impassively, columnist Giorgos Kapopoulos surmises in the liberal business paper Imerisia: "The major social and political upheavals in the Arab-Muslim world are taking place in the context of the limited, even non-existent willingness and ability of the West, in particular the US, to influence regional developments. ... The instability and transitional character of the regimes there can be regarded as the common denominator of current developments in the Arab-Muslim world. Neither the recent referendum in Egypt legitimising the military regime nor the Syria peace talks in Switzerland on January 22, nor the approaching elections in Turkey will lead to more stability. And the EU is all but absent from all these important events. The other side of the Mediterranean, the south of the Eurozone, has no status whatsoever as a stabilising factor in the Arab-Muslim world. On the contrary, it's a source of insecurity and turbulence."

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