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De Morgen - Belgium | Monday, January 13, 2014

Social rift hinders Europe's progress

According to recent studies by the University of Antwerp, the gap between rich and poor in Europe has widened since the start of the financial crisis. The continent is falling behind in terms of equal opportunities, the left-liberal daily De Morgen complains: "In 1976 a rich Spaniard earned eight times as much as the average worker. In 2014 the same millionaire earns 44 times as much. ... The most worrying aspect is that a growing number of European youths are excluded from jobs or a decent education. Millions of talented individuals are in danger of never developing their full potential. In a time when knowledge, inventiveness and technology increasingly determine the success of countries and continents, some European leaders believe they can simply write off entire groups of children and youths. If we are bent on degenerating into an old, pessimistic continent, all we have to do is carry on as we've done so far."

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