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Svobodata - Bulgaria | Monday, December 2, 2013

Bulgarians can learn from the Ukrainians

Whereas hundreds of thousands are demonstrating against President Viktor Yanukovych's pro-Russian course in Ukraine, the Bulgarians have to all intents and purposes abandoned their resistance to their own pro-Russian government after six months of protests, the opinion portal Svobodata laments: "And the situation in Bulgaria is just as problematic as that in Ukraine, if not worse. While Yanukovych is in the process of robbing his people of a purportedly European future, EU member Bulgaria is being governed by people who are doing all they can to jeopardise its membership. They are extracting the country from the community of the civilised and allying it with Putin's Eurasia. Both Ukraine and Bulgaria are governed by thieves and bribable politicians controlled by the Kremlin. However the supposedly backward and uncivilised Ukrainians are doing something to stop this and are even ready to pay with their own blood, whereas here a mere 40 people are willing to go out and wave signs."

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