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Rzeczpospolita - Poland | Friday, November 22, 2013

Ukrainian people pay the price

By turning away from Europe, Ukraine is only making itself more dependent on Russia - and the Ukrainian citizens stand to suffer the most as a result, the conservative daily Rzeczpospolita concludes: "It's true that Brussels committed an error by making the signing of the agreement dependent on the release of [ex-prime minister] Yulia Tymoshenko. Because in so doing it interfered in the conflict within the country's political elite. Ultimately, however, the Ukrainians themselves will have to bear the responsibility for this defeat. For years Kiev has refused to introduce the necessary economic reforms demanded by the IMF. That's why the Ukrainian economy is now on the brink of ruin and will be at the mercy of any new embargoes Putin cares to impose. ... And this degeneration will continue because the West is unlikely to give Ukraine a third chance in the near future. If at all, that is."

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