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Rzeczpospolita - Poland | Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cosmetic cabinet reshuffle in Poland

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk reshuffled his cabinet on Wednesday and appointed the economist Mateusz Szczurek as his new finance minister. The 38-year-old replaces Jacek Rostowski, who had come under increasing fire because of the planned pension reform, among other things. However the shake-up won't bring any real changes, the conservative daily Rzeczpospolita warns: "It's no coincidence that on the day before the cabinet reshuffle the government reaffirmed the concept for the pension reform. This is the best proof that the plan thought up by the incumbent Minister Rostowski won't be revised. So what changes can Szczurek make? He may be a competent economist with good intentions, but he lacks the political backing to push through the difficult austerity programme. His role will be limited to that of the accountant who collects the taxes for the other ministers. ... The whole shake-up is purely cosmetic."

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