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Newsweek Polska - Poland | Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Anti-Russian riots hurt Poland

On the fringes of rallies marking Poland's Independence Day, Polish nationalists ran riot in front of the Russian embassy in Warsaw on Monday, with fireworks flying towards the building. The rioting shows Poland in a highly unflattering light, the independent news magazine Newsweek Polska fears: "The question of security at embassies is a hefty issue, especially where as awkward a flag as the Russian one flies. In this case this is no longer simply an internal affair. A country that can't protect embassies from an aggressive mob can't be taken seriously. You have this problem in places like Baghdad, Tehran or Mogadishu, but not in the capitals of European cities. And all the more so since the foundation of our policy towards our Eastern neighbour is at stake here. Preserving our credibility is crucial. But after the rioting at the European football championship last year, once again the message from Warsaw was: Russians, we don't like you."

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