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L'Express - France | Monday, October 14, 2013

FN programme would be disastrous for France

The programme of the Front National would be a disaster for France, Jacques Attali warns in his blog with the news magazine L'Express: "Exiting the Eurozone would bring about a collapse in the value of the currency, a huge increase in the debt burden and higher import prices. At the same time stopping immigration would destroy numerous industries and services. In order to be effective, both policies presuppose sealing off our borders, which would immediately lead to a higher rate of departures, an end to exports, a rise in the cost of living and an explosion in unemployment levels. And they would quickly put democracy itself in question. These are the issues that must be hashed out with the extremists in a thoroughgoing debate on the viability of their programme. Only with daring reforms can their rise to power be thwarted."

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