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Standart - Bulgaria | Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ex-PM Borisov discovers Facebook

Bulgaria's ex-prime minister Boyko Borisov plans to join Facebook, the daily Standart reports, speculating teasingly about his motives: "Some believe that he finally wants to find out what this Facebook thing which brought down his government in February 2013 and now has Plamen Oresharski's new cabinet on thin ice is all about. Others say he wants to run a virtual farm on Facebook to grow tobacco for his cigars. ... Then there are those who think he's simply been seized with the spirit of adventure. As a newcomer to the social network scene, however, he should be warned: once you're on Facebook there's no turning back. After a while you may start to exhibit symptoms of addiction, similar to those with drugs and alcohol. Therefore the ex-prime minister should weigh up the pros and cons of entering the Internet playground very carefully, so he doesn't regret it later on."

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