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Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Monster trials divide society

The trial against alleged putschists in the Turkish army is supposed to show who calls the shots in the country, the conservative daily Lidové noviny writes: "The Turkish military is not the salvation army. But it is the force that has maintained the country's secular character since 1923. Four times it has toppled a government because it was convinced it posed a threat to the secular state - and by extension to the alliance with the West. Ten years ago, however, it did not stand in the way of the Islamist Erdoğan government. So why must the army leadership be punished now? ... Monster trials against the secular opposition and similar steps show that the Islamic democracy is not yet mature enough to withstand a normal change of government, and that it will do all it can to stay in power. This is not the way to overcome the division of society."

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