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Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | Thursday, July 4, 2013

EU Parliament wants to subdue Hungary

The EU Parliament upped the political pressure on Hungary on Wednesday. The MEPs approved with a large majority Rui Tavares' report on the state of fundamental rights, which calls for democratic principles to be respected in Hungary. The conservative daily Magyar Nemzet writes that with this step the EU Parliament wants to subjugate Hungary: "It is perfectly in order - and perfectly democratic - for the will of the leftist majority in the European Parliament to come into effect. In Hungary, by contrast, the fact that the conservative majority has the say in parliament doesn't really suit the leftist Members of the European Parliament at all. In their eyes even Hungarian democracy is in danger. This is all reminiscent of [George Orwell's] Animal Farm. Four legs good, two legs bad. ... While we stand firmly on two legs, the leftist majority in the EU Parliament wants us to crawl around on four like an animal, and submit ourselves to Europe's will."

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