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Delo - Slovenia | Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Only the Balkans still believe in the European idea

The European dream still lives on in the Balkans despite the current crisis, the daily Delo writes with an eye to Croatia's EU accession on July 1: "With the crisis the EU has split up into a centre and a periphery. Apart from the first- and second-class countries, there is also the periphery of the periphery: the 'Western Balkans', as Brussels calls this area of the former Yugoslavia. ... People there still believe in the idea of Europe, although they watch the radical changes taking place with a sense of fear: for example in Greece, which is no longer recognisable as what it once was, and Croatia, which has nothing at all to celebrate. Somewhere in the midst of all this numerous countries have abandoned their European ambitions. Iceland has put an end to accession talks until further notice, Ukraine can't make up its mind whether to move closer to the EU or not, and public opinion in Turkey has turned against the EU."

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