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Diário Económico - Portugal | Friday, June 28, 2013

Portuguese won't solve problems with strikes

A general strike brought public life in Portugal almost to a standstill on Thursday. This was already the fourth nationwide action against the austerity measures within the past two years, the business daily Diário Económico notes, concluding that this is over the top: "Four general strikes against the same government is simply too much. It trivialises the measure and decreases its significance. … But far worse is the lack of concrete and sound proposals. The trade unions are unable to dispense with their typical badmouthing. It's easy to be against the austerity policy imposed by the troika and the government. But what are the alternatives? This crisis is far too serious to simply repeat the usual slogans. This time it will take much more. We all want economic recovery and new jobs. But how can we achieve this - that's the big question. ... Unfortunately a strike won't make the problems disappear."

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