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Libération - France | Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Zero tolerance for France's far right

A debate has been raging in France since Tuesday over the footage filmed by surveillance cameras of part of the confrontation between the left-wing activist Clément Méric and several skinheads at the beginning of June. The 18-year-old died of severe head injuries after the fight. Right-wing terror must not be played down, the left-liberal daily Libération writes: "We could go on feeding this pointless controversy by asking: who started the fight?. ... But we won't. Because that's not the main issue here. We know that like many people in the anti-fascist movement, Clément Méric could not entirely avoid the temptation to provoke, and sometimes - perhaps - to use violence. But we must stop there, and not give in to all those who would have us believe that you can lump together the extreme right and the extreme left. We can only commend those young people who are determined to reject the revolting ideas of anti-republican, fascist groups that make hatred their stock in trade."

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