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Svobodata - Bulgaria | Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Topple the Bulgarian PM with a hunger strike

The writer Edvin Sugarev began a hunger strike today, Wednesday. On the online portal Svobodata he calls for the resignation of Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski, arguing that he has been ignoring the peaceful protests of the past twelve days: "Go in peace, Mr Prime Minister. While Bulgaria is still peaceful, that is, because soon it could be too late. ... Your determination to demoralise the people and trample on the dignity of this nation that has finally opened its eyes justifies all forms of resistance: both civil disobedience, which you will certainty soon be faced with, and individual actions like mine. As of today I am on a hunger strike, and will not interrupt it until you and your government leave the political stage. You are playing an unworthy and deceitful game against Bulgaria's national interests and future. For that you will sooner or later have to pay a price, even if this price is my life. You will have it on your conscience."

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