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De Morgen - Belgium | Monday, June 24, 2013

King Albert loses his moral authority

The Belgian artist Delphine Boël is allegedly the illegitimate daughter of King Albert II and now plans to force him to recognise her through court proceedings. The Belgians don't understand the silence of the royal family, the left-liberal daily De Morgen warns: "The king seems to assume that this 'little problem' will just disappear if he keeps quiet. But with each day that passes the silence becomes more painful and his credibility is further eroded. What seemed a minor blemish is turning into a festering wound. ... When he makes his next Christmas speech half the country will shake with laughter if he tries to play the role of its moral conscience again. ... Everyone knows that Delphine exists, and no one is shocked about it. But for the sake of preserving appearances King Albert neither wants to nor can officially recognise and accept his daughter."

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