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Dziennik Gazeta Prawna - Poland | Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Sex scandals in democracy and monarchy

Poland is gripped with a sex scandal involving Vice President and Agriculture Minister Andrzej Lepper. Former female colleagues have accused him of granting jobs in his Samoobrona party only in return for sexual favours. The media speculate on the fall of the Kaczynski government. "The way a population reacts to sex in high places says a lot about the country in question," concludes French philosopher Guy Sorman. "This reaction is the measure of whether a country is Christian and democratic. For France, the answer to both questions is 'No.' Socialist President Mitterrand had two wives; for years he supported several lovers with state funds; and had an illegitimate child. He made no secret of it and even so there was no moral indignation and no huge scandal... We have presidential elections but we actually elect a king. The people of France think that a president commands the same privileges as a monarch. And any child knows that includes the rights to have lovers."

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