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Standart - Bulgaria | Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bulgaria's nationalists profit from stalemate

Bulgaria's new parliament convened for the first time on Tuesday. With the current distribution of seats neither the Socialists and the Turkish Party on the one hand, nor the election winner Gerb on the other, will be able to form a functioning majority government. The big winner in this stalemate is the nationalist party Ataka, the daily Standart warns: "'We will be your nightmare', party leader Volen Siderov said at the opening of the new parliament. ... The nationalist leader will play the role of Saint Peter in parliament. He holds the decisive votes for the formation of any government in his hand. Without him, no posts can be delegated and no laws passed. ... The situation in parliament is destructive, and already reeks of secret deals and chaos. Soon the voters will also see that with their votes they elected a complete farce that, blinded by its cravings for power and revenge, will be powerless to pull the carriage of state from the mud in which it's stuck."

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