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Dagens Nyheter - Sweden | Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sweden's suburbs devoid of hope

Hundreds of youths have been setting cars and rubbish bins on fire and hurling stones at the police in the suburbs of Stockholm since Sunday. For the liberal daily Dagens Nyheter, the riots are a sign of helplessness on the part of politicians: "Some put the blame on social cuts and the fact that young people have no say in political decision making. However more has been invested in the districts and suburbs in question than in most other areas, and the democratic institutions are roughly the same wherever you go. Everyone has the possibility of getting politically involved, even if that might not be as exciting as masking your face under a street lamp. Nevertheless you've got to be very cynical indeed if you don't also think that 'something has to change, or something has to happen'. These areas are marked by segregation, an over-dependency on social welfare, unemployment and turbulent schools. That leads to a feeling of hopelessness - an excellent breeding ground for violence."

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