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Libération - France | Thursday, May 9, 2013

How the conference can work

Although the UN has gathered eye-witness accounts pointing to the use of nerve gas in Syria, the West is still reluctant to intervene. At least the new diplomatic initiative raises hopes for a solution to the conflict, the left-liberal daily Libération comments: "The truth today is that no one wants to intervene in Syria, least of all Barack Obama. On the contrary, having recently resumed a more direct dialogue with Moscow - the unwavering ally of Damascus -, the Westerners seem tempted to pursue diplomacy once again after numerous withdrawals and capitulations. Can one still believe that a political solution in Syria is possible in the context of an international conference? This faint hope is linked to several imperatives. The first is that the current tyrant must be excluded from all negotiations. The second is that the agenda of the talks must not be dictated by a triumphant Putin."

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