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Sme - Slovakia | Friday, May 3, 2013

Fico toadying to Zeman

The Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico has taken sides with President Miloš Zeman in the row over who should be appointed as the new Czech ambassador to Bratislava. Zeman wants former first lady Livia Klausová to occupy the post, against the will of Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg. Fico's position is just part of a strategy, the liberal daily Sme suspects: "His priority here is not the relations between the Czechs and Slovaks but his own ties with Zeman. Fico sees the latter as an important ally who shares his own political views, style and interests - and even his position on the Beneš decrees, which he clings to because of the Hungarian minority. … At some stage Fico wants to become president too, once the presidential powers have been expanded. The good example set by the Czech Republic here suits him just fine. This is the sole reason why Fico is delighted at the prospect of Livia Klausová becoming the Czech ambassador."

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