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The Times - United Kingdom | Wednesday, May 1, 2013

David Aaronovitch believes the queen must also be allowed to abdicate

Queen Beatrix relinquished her crown to her son Willem-Alexander on Tuesday. Pope Benedict, too, recently made room for a successor. The British public should allow Queen Elizabeth to do the same, columnist David Aaronovitch writes in the conservative daily The Times: "Do we really expect and want the Queen to go on waving, visiting and Queen's Speeching until she literally dies? Must she continue what-do-you-do-ing through any chronic illness or debility? Advanced old age is an inescapable story of growing decrepitude, fatigue and pain. Elizabeth should not feel obliged by us to work on through it. ... In mid-July the Queen's latest great-grandchild will be born, the heir to the heir to the heir to the throne. It would not be a bad moment for her to tell us that she would now like to spend more time, deservedly, with her horses, corgis and great-grandchildren. Probably in that order."

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