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L'Express - France | Monday, April 22, 2013

Foreign languages at French universities dumb

The French government has presented a bill that would give more priority to teaching in foreign languages at French universities. The concept is to attract more foreign students to the country and secure France's place in the international exchange of knowledge. What a dumb idea, writes Jacques Attali in his blog for the left-liberal weekly magazine L'Express: "It's impossible to imagine a more stupid, counter-productive and dangerous idea, or one that's more contrary to French interests. Stupid, because France has no problem recruiting foreign students today, even from Asia, and highly qualified ones at that. ... Counterproductive because the countries that teach in English, when it's not the teachers' native tongue, inevitably experience a decline in their level of their education. ... And dangerous because it will lead to fewer foreigners learning French. ... If parliament is blind enough to vote through this reform, it will provide yet another example of how France is abandoning itself."

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