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Magyar Narancs - Hungary | Thursday, April 4, 2013

Western politicians avoid Orbán

Articles critical of Hungary's conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orbán have appeared in many European newspapers in recent weeks. Owing to his democratically questionable policies Western leaders are avoiding Orbán like the plague, writes journalist Attila Ara-Kovács in the left-liberal weekly Magyar Narancs: "Conservatives, liberals, left-wingers and Greens believe unanimously that the goings-on in Hungary are not worthy of a European country. What the Hungarians are doing is not just unacceptable, but also compromising for everyone. ... No matter how hard Orbán tries to wheedle an invitation to 10 Downing Street, Cameron can't afford to be seen shaking the hand of a barbarian in public. ... If he did he would be taking not just a political but also a cultural risk. Even Europe's Right seems to have realised by now that Orbán is not socially acceptable."

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