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România Liberâ - Romania | Friday, March 22, 2013

Plagiarist Ponta is an insult to Romania

Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta will be allowed to keep his doctorate even though academic bodies have proven that much of his doctoral thesis was plagiarised. This was reported by Romanian media with reference to the Education Ministry, which has the last say on the matter. The daily România Liberă gives vent to its anger: "Time for outrage! Get indignant about the fact that Mr Ponta is being allowed to keep his doctor of law title even though the University of Bucharest, which awarded it, declared [in a legal opinion from last October] that it was plagiarised. What makes this all the more appalling is that [according to the law] the university is not even allowed to withdraw the title! Get indignant that our head of government has stolen intellectual property. He looks great on television, there's even speculation that he could become president, while the man who had the courage to stand up to him - the rector of the University of Bucharest - is at best ignored or at worst seeing his reputation dragged through the dirt."

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