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Standart - Bulgaria | Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bulgarians in despair over electricity prices

Tens of thousands of people gathered on the weekend in Bulgaria to protest against the high electricity prices. They set two company cars belonging to the Austrian energy supplier EVN on fire and threw snowballs at Economics Minister Deljan Dobrev. These are signs of utter desperation, the daily Standart writes: "Unlike with the sporadic protests staged so far in which the people expressed their frustration over the electricity rates and called for reforms, this time hungry and completely desperate people are taking to the streets. They are angry. In the middle of the winter, with heating costs already spiralling, they are now facing shockingly high electricity bills. Many of them, particularly the retired, can't even cover their heating bills with their pensions, never mind the electricity bills. ... The Ministry of Finances should take action as quickly as possible and if necessary raise the budget deficit before the whole country is paralysed by hunger protests."

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