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Novinar - Bulgaria | Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The idea of Europe no longer a uniting force

The EU heads of state and government were unable to reach an agreement on the next budget at the summit meeting in November. The daily Novinar sees no reason why it should work out now: "When you think about how entrenched the positions are on the eve of the summit, it's clear that participants will once again be fighting for their own interests. The idea of a united Europe as a driving force in the negotiations is increasingly being put on the back burner. And as the member states go at each other's throats over bagatelles, the EU is already being overtaken by other regions that were considered economically weak only a few years ago. What the tug of war in Brussels will lead to remains to be seen: the rope breaking, the small and weak members just throwing in the towel or a new formula emerging that will bring the EU forward in the next seven years."

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