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Kurier - Austria | Thursday, January 17, 2013

Put an end to the spectre of terrorism

The states of Europe must join forces in a military offensive against Islamist terror, the liberal daily Kurier demands: "Ministers in Berlin once vociferously defended the intervention in Afghanistan on the grounds that Germany's security was being defended in the Hindu Kush. And today? Berlin might chip in with a few transport planes. Very ambitious. The British are also taking cover - no combat troops. Austria, for it's part, has no time for this burning issue anyway: the party wrangling about compulsory military service or a professional army is paralysing everything. That's downright irresponsible. The radical Islamists in the Sahel are exceedingly well-armed and well-networked. ... And the fight against them is no walk in the park. But what is the alternative? To let them do as they please. ... No, Europe must close ranks, march together and cooperate with the African states to put an end to the spectre of terrorism. The risk of failure (see Afghanistan) cannot be denied. But doing nothing would be even more dangerous."

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