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Svenska Dagbladet - Sweden | Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New US foreign policy a chance for Europe

US President Barack Obama nominated the Republican Chuck Hagel as the new US Secretary of Defense on Monday. The liberal daily Svenska Dagbladet takes a closer look at US foreign policy under Barack Obama: "This raises the question of how the US will act towards Syria or Iran in the future for example. Hagel should be more open to direct negotiations with Tehran, but if he takes on the job he could become the chief planner of a war as a last resort for stopping Iran from attaining nuclear bombs. … One must also take into account that the US no longer has the clout it used to have in the decades after the fall of communism. In a world that is becoming more multi-polar or non-polar, the US can no longer play the role of the lone sheriff, but must look for new cooperation partners. For Europe this represents both a danger and an opportunity."

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