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Dnevnik - Slovenia | Monday, January 7, 2013

President has no intention of giving up

Assad made it perfectly clear in his speech on Sunday that he intends to continue with the civil war to the bitter end, the left-liberal daily Dnevnik fears: "For his address to the people and the presentation of his 'peace initiative' Assad chose the capital city's imposing Opera House. This was the right place for his theatrical presentation of a vision for the future that is nothing but a clinging to the past. Assad has not conjured a dove of peace out of his hat. With its stubborn interpretation of the events the speech sounded like an announcement that the civil war will be fought to the bitter end. The year of transition in Syria has begun on the same note as the last year ended. And what now? There is no sign of anything but an escalation of the civil war. The efforts of the international community to get things moving forwards in the Syria conflict are back to square one."

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