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Respekt - Czech Republic | Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Central Europe new centre of Continent

With its EU scepticism the Czech Republic is betting on the wrong horse, according to commentators Martin M. Šimečka and Jiří Sobota. On the website of the liberal weekly Respekt the two point out that the European centre of gravity is shifting to the east and opening up new opportunities for Prague, among others: "These are opportunities of which so far above all the German and Polish politicians have been aware. The Visegrád states with their more than 50 million inhabitants are already a bigger trading partner than France. The German perspective on this region is changing. They have become a motor of integration. … From the German point of view economically liberal Central Europe could replace the liberal UK and become a counterweight to socialist France. The Czechs need to understand that the Polish initiative is good for all Visegrád states. Central Europe now has an opportunity that doesn't arise very often in history and which the Czechs have never had."

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