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Aftonbladet - Sweden | Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sweden must keep its snuff

Despite the strong headwind blowing down from Sweden, EU commissioner Tonio Borg is sticking in his proposal for changes to the tobacco directive to the recommendation that snus, or Swedish snuff, also be banned. The left-liberal daily Aftonbladet blames the government in Stockholm: "Hand in hand with the producer Swedish Match, the government has put the battle for permission to export snus at the top of its agenda. … They were so busy trying to obtain approval for the export of snus that the arguments in favour of Sweden's exemption from the snuff consumption rules were undermined. But this is vital for all those who consume snus in Sweden. Now Fredrik Reinfeldt will go down in history as the prime minister who took snus away from the Swedes. … At this point it's by no means certain that Tonio Borg's proposal will be approved. But if Sweden's politicians want to be more successful in future they must change their strategy. The top priority must be to defend the Swedish exemption. The tobacco industry's desire to open up new markets must take second place."

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