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Ta Nea - Greece | Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Voters' will must be accepted

After Berlusconi announced his return to politics the risk premiums on Italian government immediately increased and in many European countries politicians warned of an unstable Italy. The left-liberal daily Ta Nea criticises the panic and points out that unlike Monti, Berlusconi was always elected by the people: "What kind of a joke is it when the citizens elect someone as prime minister and then someone else takes the reins? When governments are formed independently of the electorate's vote? … There is no objection to technocrats participating in a government. On the contrary, they can be very useful for a government - at a certain moment, within a specific period and under certain circumstances. But enough is enough. There must be a political standard because the votes of the electorate are the foundation of democracy - no matter how unpredictable that factor may be. If governments are formed through procedures other than elections this may come as a relief for the markets or EU currency commissioner Olli Rehn, but it is not democracy."

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