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Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland | Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ban on ritual slaughter harms Polish economy

The Polish government wants to pass a law permitting the ritual slaughter of animals. The practice had been banned by the country's Constitutional Tribunal at the end of November for reasons of animal protection. In Poland many slaughterhouses have specialised in exporting meat from animals slaughtered in accordance with religious practices. The liberal daily Gazeta Wyborcza sides with the government on the grounds that if the ban is upheld, "meat production will soon not even be profitable for the slaughterhouses in question. ... Then there will be a shortage of meat from ritual slaughter [from Poland] and suppliers from other countries where beef is significantly more expensive will dictate their prices to us. In this way we will only stifle local production, shift our business to global markets and lose influence over meat prices in our country. ... We can agree to pay more for meat in our country, to close down businesses, lay off workers and destroy our position as a food exporter. ... But in that case the suffering of animals means more to us than our economy."

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