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Magyar Narancs - Hungary | Monday, November 26, 2012

Sarkozy's comeback pre-programmed

In France the conservative opposition party the UMP elected Jean-François Copé as its new leader last Tuesday. In the online edition of the left-liberal weekly Magyar Narancs, journalist Attila Ara-Kovács is convinced that this paves the way for ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy's political comeback: "Since last Thursday it has once again become worthwhile to keep an eye on Sarkozy, because the new UMP leader Copé is said to be the ex-president's most dedicated supporter. ... Everything points to Sarkozy making a comeback. The French Left is currently in a crisis. It may have conquered the Elysée this year, but it has been incapable of achieving anything more. Sarkozy has the great fortune that the current president is called François Hollande. ... The latter is not only arrogant, he lacks any authority. ... And worse still, he hasn't got a clue about the current economic crisis."

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