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Kurier - Austria | Monday, November 26, 2012

The US will even back autocratic Mursi

Protests against Mohammed Mursi spread in Egypt over the weekend. On Wednesday the president passed several decrees making his decisions legally unassailable. The opposition will not be able to achieve much here, the liberal daily Kurier fears, particularly since the US is giving Mursi its support: "The Muslim Brothers reacted uncompromisingly to the protests - with police power and tear gas  ... Who can stop them? No one, really. Seventy percent of those entitled to vote in the parliamentary elections cast their ballots in favour of the Muslim Brothers or the even more radical Salafists. So it's clear where the broad majority stands. And for the US, Mursi is indispensable in the Middle East conflict. Yes, Cairo is dependent on financial aid from Washington, but as long as Mursi doesn't turn Egypt into an Islamic theocracy and continues to play a constructive role in the Middle East cauldron, political aspects will remain secondary for the US. That's how it was under Mubarak, and that's how things stand with Mursi now."

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