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Spiegel Online - Germany | Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Newspaper crisis due to outdated journalism

Not the Internet but static news reporting is to blame for the death of the newspapers, blogger Sascha Lobo writes on Spiegel Online, arguing that they no longer fit in with consumer habits: "Merely reflecting the world is no longer enough for a news article, regardless of where it's published. The internet is also becoming increasingly proceduralised, rendering the traditional, static news article obsolete. ... The news reporting process will not tolerate a standstill. ... It's not the newspapers that are in crisis, but the classic understanding of how news is reported - online or offline. The Internet is only marginally better at reacting to this because it comes across in a more proceduralised way.  ... For the printed media that means keeping its hands off those areas in which the pressure to proceduralise is greatest: away from the snap-shot format of a news report and towards helping people gain a better understanding of the news process."

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