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Kathimerini - Greece | Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Europe's workers unite

At least the social plight is causing the employees in the European debtor states to join forces for a united cause, the conservative daily Kathimerini comments approvingly: "Unfortunately the unemployment rate is also very high in Portugal, Spain and Ireland - so it's not just affecting the 'disobedient' Greeks. In these countries too, young people find themselves forced to emigrate. There too, the austerity policy is destroying the welfare state. There too, people regard Merkel with distrust. … There too, people are organising one demonstration after another, as if they had been infected by the 'Greek virus'. In these countries too there has been a whole series of suicides, like those in Spain because of the evictions. The differences among the crisis-hit Pigs states no longer exist. On the contrary, they all face the same problems and are all being tyrannised by external forces, so they must coordinate their efforts. They must do what their governments are avoiding doing. Because in Greece's case the government is cooperating with Germany rather than with its natural allies in Southern Europe."

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