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De Standaard - Belgium | Friday, October 5, 2012

Flemish vote for the Right out of fear

Bart de Wever's nationalist party is tipped to win the local elections in Flanders on October 14, according to the polls. He himself puts his popularity down to tensions between northern and southern Belgium, but that is too simplistic, the liberal daily De Standaard writes: "In Flanders considerably more people are worried about their own safety and that of their families than have actually experienced precarious circumstances. The worsening economic situation and the rising prices are a further source of worry. The Flemmish are aware of their priviledged situation, but at the same time they see clearly how much they have to lose. They may want change, but they also fear it. Because the changes we are facing do not look like they will be improvements. Of course there is a certain frustration over the paralysis of federal politics in recent years. But the true explanation for the change in power relations is fear of the unknown."

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