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La Stampa - Italy | Thursday, September 27, 2012

Euro rescuers have lost sight of citizens

Europe's governments have failed to take into account how the citizens would react to their measures against the crisis, the liberal daily La Stampa points out: "If governments believe they can adopt any kind of measure without considering their political durability and focusing solely on the economic advantages, they are very much mistaken. This political durability, determined by the reaction of the citizens, is a problem not just for the crisis-stricken countries. In France too, Hollande's popularity is waning as the unemployment level rises. And following the first signs of slowing growth in Germany the atmosphere in the Berlin ruling coalition is anything but idyllic. ... The world doesn't just consist of share prices on the stock markets, but also of housewives' shopping lists. It's an illusion to believe that the former will remain stable in the short and medium term when the latter are increasingly manifesting the impact of the crisis."

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