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Sme - Slovakia | Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Klaus pulls strings in Czech governing crisis

Internecine fighting within the biggest Czech coalition party, the liberal-conservative ODS, is destabilising the government in Prague. And behind the scenes President Václav Klaus is pulling the strings, the liberal daily Sme surmises: "Prague is currently witnessing the end of Petr Nečas' government. His own party members are now taking shots at him. True, there are only six of them [who voted against the government's proposal to raise VAT last week], but they have the support of President Václav Klaus. And Nečas knows it. In 1997 Klaus was himself the victim of a rebellion. The second, against Mirek Topolánek in 2009, right in the middle of the Czech EU presidency, he led himself. ... It would exaggerated to suspect Klaus of being behind every development in the country. But if anyone knows how to use an occasion to his own advantage, it's him. When Klaus decides what he'll do after his retirement, he'll be calling the shots for how fast Nečas retires as well. He's not seriously considering keeping Nečas in office any longer anyway."

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