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Sega - Bulgaria | Monday, August 27, 2012

Bulgaria under pressure to act on Roma problem

French Interior Minister Manuel Valls on Monday declared he wanted to put the issue of how to deal with Roma from Bulgaria and Romania at the top of the agenda at the upcoming EU summit on October 18 and 19. The daily Sega finds this very odd: "So for both accused parties, Bulgaria and Romania, the summit will be a kind of EU tribunal where they bow their heads under the collective pressure, admit their guilt and are forced to bear all the consequences of their misdeeds. The spectacle will push Bulgaria and Romania's accession to the Schengen zone far into the future and give France and its Western European allies an unlimited alibi for warding off the Roma in whatever way they please. Soon the time will come when Bulgaria only harms itself with its silence on the Roma problem because it is interpreted as a guilty conscience and a desire to avoid vital debates. Bulgaria has just a few weeks to get ready for a serious political confrontation with Paris. By then, France will not just be well prepared but also have substantial European backing."

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